TVR Cerbera Speed 12 2000

Posted by on Sep 17 2011

Here it is the infamous Speed 12. Do not even bother trying to use this if your not a expert drifter because everything moves so fast and you must know exactly when to hit what. This is the first car I have hit my goal of over 30,000 drift points as Tsukuba with and gets me in the top 200 in the many drift seasonals and i am not the best drifter ever. You will be using all gears, handbrake, brakes, basically everything possible to drift amazing with it. It is a little different setup than what the big boys use as they have more camber on the rear so I may rework in the future, but this was the best so far.

Also just to show you how much more amazing a speed 12 is compared to other cars for drift. The first corner as Tsukuba in a normal car will have a hard time getting to around 5000 points while this car can do 7000+. An additional 2000 points at every corner really adds up.

Car TVR Cerbera Speed 12 2000
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 1027HP/6900rpm
Torque 856 ft-lb/5300rpm
Weight 1020 kg
Miles 80.2
Performance Points 613


All parts. Put comfort hard on the front and comfort soft for the back. Also I am using the supercharger.


Downforce 15/30
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


1st 3.573
2nd 2.410
3rd 1.928
4th 1.586
5th 1.284
6th 1.026
Final 3.095
Top Speed 224mph

Limited Slip Differential

Initial xx 43
Accel xx 52
Braking xx 8


Ride Height -30 -10
Spring Rate 17.0 12.8
Extension 8 6
Compression 7 5
Anti-Roll 4 5
Camber 8.3 1.0
Toe -0.90 -0.30


Brake Balance 7 9
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