Scion xB 2003

Posted by on January 17, 2012

Scion xB 2003I remember when Scion first came out and they had the xA and xB as there only cars. I didn't care too much about the xA as it was just another small hatchback, but the xB was so cool being almost a mini mini van. It is so square yet so awesome. I wanted to do a tune for it so bad, but wasn't a fan of the rims it comes stock with so didn't bother. Now that there are changeable rims this car just became a million times cooler. It drives very well too and you are definitely gonna stand out from everyone else. Not that much HP, but it's fairly light so it is still quick.

P.S. The pics were taken by werty_56-1. I linked to his flickr as he has some really cool and some really funny shots on there

Car Scion xB 2003
Drivetrain FF
Horsepower 223HP/7100rpm
Torque 169 ft-lb/6500rpm
Weight 910 kg
Miles 24,055.0
Performance Points 425


Best of everything. Engine and chassis restore if needed


Downforce 0/0
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


1st 3.411
2nd 2.445
3rd 1.895
4th 1.507
5th 1.227
Final 3.040
Top Speed 106mph

Limited Slip Differential

Initial 27 xx
Accel 51 xx
Braking 25 xx


Ride Height -30 -28
Spring Rate 11.0 8.5
Extension 7 6
Compression 6 5
Anti-Roll 4 2
Camber 2.7 0.6
Toe -0.09 -0.10


Brake Balance 5 5
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