Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD) '02

Posted by on Decemeber 15, 2012

Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD) '02 460ppThis tune is meant for the Trial Mountain Circuit Time Trial at 460pp however should work at other tracks. The pp of this car with a oil change already puts it over the pp limit so it took a lot of planning to get it to this level and still be very fast. My therory which always seems to work with lower pp's is make it as light as possible. Orginally I had stock weight and normal tune, but once I lightened it my time started to get a lot faster. I am just ok at time trials and use a controller with small amounts of attempts and did around a 1:41. It has potential to do very well if you are a good driver and guarantee to get gold if you are not. I hammered it as hard as I could and still got gold times.

A couple tips for this specific track is slow down and make sure to drive on the yellow cross lines. There is two sections with this, one right before the tunnel and the other right after the straight from the tunnel by the water. It is key for fast times to slow down and ideally coast on the yellow very close to the wall rather than taking the corner wide.

P.S. pics are by Drainbred

Car Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD) '02
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 267HP/5800rpm
Torque 249 ft-lb/4500rpm
Weight 1200 kg
Miles 17.1
Performance Points 460


Only parts are all the lightening and things that don't effect pp. Also no power add ons: weight reduction stage 3, window weight reduction, carbon hood, the twin plate cluth, flywheel: semi-racing, adjustable LSD, carbon drive shaft, customizable suspension, and customizable transmission. As well as comfort soft as that is the requirement for the event. I put a oil change but it's optional since you need to lower the power. No spoiler.


Downforce 0/0
Weight Balance 149/0
Power Limiter 89.5% (until you hit 460pp)


1st 3.610
2nd 2.557
3rd 1.980
4th 1.593
5th 1.323
6th 1.140
Final 3.660
Top Speed 112mph (180kmph)

Limited Slip Differential

Initial xx 11
Accel xx 42
Braking xx 50


Ride Height -9 -7
Spring Rate 10.5 10.5
Extension 6 6
Compression 3 3
Anti-Roll 3 3
Camber 2.5 1.5
Toe -0.03 0.03


Brake Balance 6 5
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