Jaguar E-TYPE Coupe '61

Posted by on August 17, 2013

Jaguar S-Type R '02I think we all can agree that the Jaguar E-TYPE Coupe '61 has to be one of the nicest looking cars of all time. It's smooth lines and elegance puts it above the rest. I was driving it and thought "this would be the prefect car for James Bond!". The only thing it was missing was actual performance. The car stock drives kinda awful. It just gets so crazy doing anything and makes your times so slow. I have made major changes to perfect all of this and really love the outcome. You still have to watch the gas coming out of the corners, but it is amazing to drive. The craziest part about this car is it only has 434hp and can do 185mph.

Here is a video of me flying around the Nurburgring.

Car Jaguar E-TYPE Coupe '61
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 434bhp@6400rpm
Torque 367ft-lb@4900rpm
Weight 1038kg
Miles 11,786
Performance Points 514pp


All Parts except chassis reinforcement. Racing soft Tires.


Downforce 0/0
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


1st 3.669
2nd 2.430
3rd 1.774
4th 1.397
5th 1.149
Final 2.305
Top Speed 143mph (230kmph)

Limited Slip Differential

Initial xx 7
Accel xx 23
Braking xx 24


Ride Height -20 -23
Spring Rate 8.6 7.5
Extension 6 5
Compression 5 4
Anti-Roll 5 5
Camber 1.9 1.6
Toe -0.07 0.24


Brake Balance 5 4
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