Jaguar S-Type R '02

Posted by on June 22, 2012

Jaguar S-Type R '02This car is such a joy to drift, its almost effortless, but its just become one of those cars im gonna be battling with for a while i reckon. As it stands it is pretty easy to get high points with and alot of fun can be had with it, i managed to get a 29.8k out of it which has realy annoyed me, only because i can repeat 29k drifts with it but just cant get it beyond that magical 30k. But once i ignored the fact that i wasnt gonna get 30k without a fight and focused on its abilty to maintain drifts i just dint realy want to stop, the back end does whip around quite readily at most of the rev range but is easy to catch and hold then throw into the next corner. Just one of those cars i could drift all day long

Pics by driftinziggy

Car Jaguar S-Type R '02
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 667bhp@6600rpm
Torque 93kgfm@4400rpm (approx. 671ft-lb)
Weight 1358kg
Miles 16,566
Performance Points 580pp


All Parts. Comfort Hard Tires.


Downforce 0/0
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


1st 3.615
2nd 2.541
3rd 1.903
4th 1.491
5th 1.221
6th 1.045
Final 3.540
Top Speed 149mph

Limited Slip Differential

Initial xx 43
Accel xx 50
Braking zz 10


Ride Height -25 -25
Spring Rate 7.7 7.0
Extension 5 5
Compression 5 4
Anti-Roll 5 5
Camber 1.5 3.0
Toe -0.32 -0.08


Brake Balance 5 5
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