Honda S2000 2001

Posted by on October 30, 2011

Honda S2000 2001This car was tuned for "1st Annual Fall Roadster Battle!" and had to fit into the restrictions of 450pp and sports medium or less tires. The contest track is Autumn Ring, so this car is specifically tuned for there, but should still be good at other tracks. 

This is the second best S2000 in the game. I would have chosen the best one, but I had already had it maxed out so nothing I could really do. It's pretty much all in the tune since I didn't use virtually any power performance parts and with a standard 50/50 weight ratio it came out quite well. I tried to make it easy as possible for all to drive, but the tail can kick out or the rear wheels spin if you drive just a bit too hard. I find you will have absolutely no problems if you brake just a bit before where you think you should than let go of everything and coast a tiny bit around the apex and than ease back on the gas. Doing that will make this car very easy and more importantly very fast to drive. I got a 1:25.7xx and that's with a controller and a few mistakes so the super good drives may be able to pull in the 1:24 or less.

Car Honda S2000 2001
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 258HP/8000rpm
Torque 171 ft-lb/7600rpm
Weight 1056 kg
Miles 3,668.6
Performance Points 450


Ok this is a pretty easy one. Do all the best lightening, suspension, transmission, etc and only performance part is the catalytic converter sports. Do a engine rebuild and chassis restore and sports medium tires. 


Downforce 0/0
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 97.8%


1st 4.068
2nd 2.963
3rd 2.312
4th 1.881
5th 1.573
6th 1.328
Final 3.880
Top Speed 130mph

Limited Slip Differential

Initial xx 15
Accel xx 50
Braking xx 55


Ride Height -23 -23
Spring Rate 10.5 10.5
Extension 7 7
Compression 6 6
Anti-Roll 4 4
Camber 3.0 1.8
Toe -0.13 0.04


Brake Balance 6 9
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