Dodge SRT-4 2003

Posted by on Arpil 28, 2012

Dodge SRT-4 2003This car was tuned for "Wallbanger's 1st annual million credit FF Summer Shootout!" and had to fit into the restrictions of 500pp and sports soft or less tires. The contest track is Grand Valley Speedway, so this car is specifically tuned for there, but should still be good at other tracks. 

I chose this car because I know it is the best FF car out there and can be maxed out to more than 600hp so power wasn't going to be a problem. Under steer was a big issue with this car and even worse was the amount of torque produced made the tires spin up around any corner. After a series of test I have eliminated all under steer and have set the LSD to handle all of the torque. No extra turbos were added because they ruined the power band and caused all the problems of this car to get much worse while also skyrocketing the PP. I made a few mistake and am not the best driver, but I managed a 2:04.164. I'm sure I could get into 2:03's with more practice, but hopefully the testers are better drivers than me. Remember people the key is to ease on the gas after the corner or the tires will smoke and you don't want that because it will sow you down. Slow in fast out.

Car Dodge SRT-4 2003
Drivetrain FF
Horsepower 342HP/5100rpm
Torque 362 ft-lb/4900rpm
Weight 1124 kg
Miles 99.2
Performance Points 500


Best of everything EXCEPT only do stage 2 engine, no turbos, no spoiler, and no rigidity improvement. Probably engine rebuild and chassis rebuild, mine had 0 miles so I didn't have to do this. Also sports soft tires


Downforce 0/0
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 89.4% (keep going down till you hit 500pp, should be at 342hp)


1st 2.378
2nd 1.574
3rd 1.172
4th 0.915
5th 0.770
6th 0.675
Fianl 4.501
Top Speed 186mph

Limited Slip Differential

Initial 5 xx
Accel 57 xx
Braking 42 xx


Ride Height -30 -20
Spring Rate 11.3 5.7
Extension 8 5
Compression 7 4
Anti-Roll 7 2
Camber 3.2 1.0
Toe -0.02 -0.25


Brake Balance 6 9
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